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"It was very straightforward and easy to understand."
-Past Bidder
"It was at the location of the property sold. It was simple, uncomplicated."
-Past Bidder
"It was very clear what you are bidding on. Buyer's Premium etc. was very well explained."
-Past Bidder
"No hassles, a fun experience."
-Past Bidder
"Liked the info given out, staff courtesy, no pressure. The auction was fun." I would bid at another auction to "get a good deal."
-Past Bidder

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If you are interested in selling your property using our auction services please provide your email address, phone number, and name after clicking the link below.  Indicate in the message box whether you would rather be contacted via email or by phone.  Click SEND when all information is entered and we will contact you within a reasonable amount of time.  CLICK HERE to request more information about our selling services.

Here's what a few sellers had to say about our process:

- "I did not have to do a thing. The auction was perfect and very professional."

- " I could have listed the house in the "normal" way, but I felt that if I had done that there would have been a good chance that the home would have sat on the market for many months."

- "I cannot thank Mike and his team enough for all their efforts!  The entire process was very professional and I would definitely recommend Mike and his team to anyone."

-"Now with the auction over 'they' took the deposit and we opened escrow. 31 days later we closed escrow without any problems and...BIG SUCCESS...My home was SOLD!!!"

-"I just sold the last two houses in Rosamond at an auction.  The auction company [Elite Auctions] did a stellar job."

-"This was my first experience at a "live auction" for property.  My clients were also my personal friends so I was put at ease after we met.  I felt my clients were in good hands and I didn't have the fear that they would NOT be provided with good service or protection.  You all were very prompt to address any concerns or questions we had and returned all calls in a timely manner."

-"I have been very impressed with Elite Auctions and its employees.  They did a great job of explaining the benefits of using a public auction, explaining how the auction would be conducted, and following through with a successful auction.  From the very first meeting to the close of escrow, the staff has been friendly, professional, and very attentive to my needs as a seller.  I would highly recommend this company in the future."