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"It was very straightforward and easy to understand."
-Past Bidder
"It was at the location of the property sold. It was simple, uncomplicated."
-Past Bidder
"It was very clear what you are bidding on. Buyer's Premium etc. was very well explained."
-Past Bidder
"No hassles, a fun experience."
-Past Bidder
"Liked the info given out, staff courtesy, no pressure. The auction was fun." I would bid at another auction to "get a good deal."
-Past Bidder
"It was easy to understand as well as easy to participate. We are very interested in Real Estate and believe that this could give us a good start."
-Past Bidder
"Auction was staged well & professionally run. The whole process was simple."
-Auction Attendee
"I went to your auction in Garden Grove. It was a great experience."

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 If you're a BUYER who wants to make a smart investment and tired of tedious negotiations with unresponsive sellers, then the purchase of real estate at auction will work for you.  Come to one of our auctions where the buyers can determine the price!

Advantages of being a Buyer at Our Auctions:   

  • Our auctions are held live, on-site at each individual property
  • The buyers know the seller is committed to selling the property
  • The buyers determine the purchase price through live bidding
  • Auctions eliminate the long negotiation process
  • The purchasing and closing dates are known
  • There is a chance of getting a good deal 

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